My dearest travel companions: Coconut Oil

Oh, beloved coconut oil, what would I do without you? For years it has been a constant part of my travel equipment. Here you can find out what I use it for.


Obviously, everything that is prepared with soy sauce, should be fried in coconut oil, but granola also tastes great when prepared with coconut oil.

Hair care

If I feel like my hair tips are super dry I put a tiny (seriously: a tiny) bit in the tips, but only those. If you put it anywhere near your scalp it will look greasy.

Skin care

I put it on my legs and in my armpits after shaving when the skin is still wet. It helps the irritated skin to regenerate.

For sunburnt skin

This is really the special power of coconut oil. I try to be careful however, I often underestimate the sun at or near the equator. In the evening I spoil my skin with a layer of coconut oil and in the morning everything is as if nothing happened. It really is incredible. Only aloe vera is able to accomplish similar miracles.

Removing make-up

When I travel, I rarely put on make-up but for the seldom moments that I do feel like it, I do not want to carry a special make-up remover. So I wet a cotton pad, put some coconut oil on it and remove everything. Works flawlessly and also spoils your skin, what more could one ask for.

Natural medicine

Coconut oil helps against herpes and vaginal fungus because it has an antibacterial effect. Just apply it several times to the affected areas.


A wonderful oil for massaging so you don’t have to pack an extra oil for that.