That’s how I started traveling

Working in a bookshop years and years ago I often stood in front of the shelf with the travel guides, fascinated by the sheer infinity of diversity in our world. One day I realized: how can you understand who you are if you don’t know where you are and what other realities of life look like? So I quit my job, packed my backpack for the very first time and haven’t stopped being curious and trying to understand ever since.

That’s my favorite way of traveling

With an open heart, a smile in the eyes and wonder as a constant companion. This is how you meet the most beautiful people and get to  ask questions, that no travel guide could answer.

This region is calling me

The vastness of the Mongolian plains, the heights of the Tibetan mountains, the colors of India, the mosaics of Iran. And everything in between on the way there.

That’s where I feel at home

In Berlin’s streets, where German is not the only language that surrounds me, where one can immerse yourself in a multitude of cultures and feel as if the world is visiting you – a kind of stationary journey.

The most unusual thing I take on my trips

People often wonder about my travel spoon, but for me it is as natural as a toothbrush. How else should you spoon out maracujas at borders that are not allowed to be imported into the next country, eat the leftovers from yesterday or the yogurt you just bought without having to pull the cooking utensils out of your backpack? Exactly!

Also always in my pocket: a decision coin. In my case an old Swedish Krona, decorated with a man’s head on one side and an elk on the other. It’s easy to guess to which side the preferred outcome is assigned. In the end, it’s always the process of choosing the side that leads to a decision, because I actually flip the coin until I have the moose on the back of my hand. Maybe it doesn’t work 100% like  decision coins should, but if it helps me with decisions, it fulfills its purpose.

Something traveling taught me

That there are no coincidences, happiness and contentment can take unexpected forms and that people have beautiful hearts. Besides, everything always turns out to be good. Always. It really is astonishing.